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Pagers: Comfortable & Fashionable?
Specialty Hardware, Inc. PRESENTS.......
NEW UNIVERSAL PAGER KEEPERS to provide 'ultimate comfort' in wearing pagers, MP3s, beepers, cell phones, radios, MiniMed insulin pumps, etc.
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Universal Pager Keepers fit all devices with plastic belt clips including Motorola, Uniden, AT&T, SBC, Ameritech, Panasonic, Nixxo, Tutti, NEC and MiniMed.

2 way pagers
The top-grain-leather Universal Pager Keepers, lock onto the plastic clips of the pagers.  
Simply clip it to a belt loop, purse strap, golf bag or any sport bag strap.
mobile pagers

Modified kilt pin design attaches pagers to scrubs or uniforms without belt clips.

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Major Benefits: ELIMINATE the following hassles:

Dropping your pager or cell phone in the bathroom...in or out of the toilet.
Losing your pager from the plastic belt clip breaking or the pager popping off the belt clip.
Banging your pager against the steering wheel, seat belt, chairs, desks, etc.
Pinching your skin at the waist...OUCH!

Testimonial:  One major US corporation reduced pager replacement costs by 67% by using Universal Pager Keepers with all issued pagers.






Quantities of 1-2 pieces   = $15.00 each.
Quantities of 3-19 pieces  = $12.00 each.
U.S. Ground $5.00 for unlimited quantities.
U.S. 2-Day Air $15.00 per order.
U.S. Overnight $25.00 per order.
Outside U.S. $35.00 per order.

For additional quantities call 888-291-1161.
Custom Orders: Colorful LOGOS are available.
1. Call toll-free: 888-291-1161.
2. E-mail: shi1haz@aol.com
3. Fax orders to: 216-291-1168.
4. Mail to: Specialty Hardware, Inc.
23404 Cedar Road
Cleveland, OH  44122